Saturday, August 29, 2009

Surprise, Prize and Gifts to Myself

First off, I need to show off the surprise I found in my mail. I squeed so loud the dog looked scared, lol :P I am part of a Craft it Forward and this beauty was what I got from Ruthie of Roseworks Jewelry...isn't it awesome!!!!

And the prize. I won this cool polymer clay pen from Mel's Clay.

And also from her was this cute little tin I got for myself....

And last, but not least, I got this bracelet from Mystic Wynd. This gift to myself actually led to prizes from the Etsybloggers Mega Giveaway - which I will show you after they are received & photo'd :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Etsyblogger Carnival: Back to School

What does back to school mean to me? Time. And sewing.

Last year my youngest had started preschool. It is only 4 hours long, but wow, what a difference that 4 hours makes! All summer I felt like I was getting nothing done. But starting September 21st...that to-do list shall start to whittle!!! That is still so far away...they start the little guys a few weeks after the "older" ones - you know, the Kindergartners :P

I will be a sewing maniac those first couple weeks, maybe. I am still a master procrastinator, so who knows. But I am really hoping to change things up enough to stay focused.

Oh, and blogging and Excel and Quicken...that's what else school means to me. From that time aspect anyway.

I am doing A Craft A Day next month, just in time for back to school. It will be easy to check up on me to see if I am actually accomplishing anything. Here's to hoping that the extra school time will be what I am hoping for *cheers*

Thursday, August 27, 2009

BlogFire Carnival: Favorite Craft

What is my favorite craft or technique? Do I have to pick one? Not sure if I could. My mood dictates what my favorite of anything is, whether it be clothes, food, books, movies or crafts.

I would say that the craft I do most often is sewing, by far. But is that only because I (try to) sell what I make? Or is it because I love it so much? I think the best answer is both. I do enjoy taking a flat piece of fabric and manipulating it into something totally different. Bags are what I make the most, but I really like to make clothes, stuffies, pillows, placemats & table runners, wallets, aprons and other house & holiday type things...I think that covers just about, well, anything ☺

Technique-wise, I wouldn't know if there even is a "technique"...other than hand versus machine. And I like both. I am self taught so when it comes to the technicalities, I am not so much for the knowing. And yes, I know, horrible sentence, but I tend to write how I talk. Like my technical terms...they tend to be rather, um, imaginative. I now know of gussets and plackets and french seams. But I still tend to refer to techniques more like "that foldy in seam" or " that squooshed together and sewn across texture" or "when you sew long and pull to get it scrunchy". I know what I mean and since I work alone, it's fine.

What other crafts do I like? All. I suppose there are some out there that may not float my boat, but so far I have not met a craft I did not like. I do need to work more in too. And next month is going to be the perfect opportunity. I am going to be doing A Craft A painting, clay, paper and everything else - look out because here I come!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Manic Monday Post

I am so so SO behind. I was only not feeling well for like a week and that was a month ago, but it threw me off. There were so many great bloggers and artisans I wanted to introduce you to. I wanted to give each of them their own post, but I decided if I wait for that, it'll take too long. SO here they are....

MezziG is from Australia and she has a blog called Creative Outlet. She makes some really cool braided items that she shows off wonderfully in this post. I just love this blue beaded and braided button bracelet she made (say that 5 times fast!)

Next up is Chichiboulie...what a fun name ☺ Gretchen's blog is the Boulie Blog - more name fun. If you are French, check out her French blog...or if you just read French it'd work - don't want to get exclusive, lol!
Her family recently embarked on a journey - a puppy journey. One read of this post will get you hooked on her blog - but beware of ensuing giggles - they could cause whatever you are drinking to get sputtered coffee almost wound up on my computer when I read some of the other animal options and their uses.
Along with her 3 creative kids and new puppy, she is a designer/illustrator. I love her work - it is very fun and upbeat. This is one of my faves: Isn't he cute?

And get this, she teamed up with a stamp maker! So if you like her style, you can head over to Stampingbella for some stamp fun!

Kelly from Macaroni & Glue always makes me smile with her posts. Her kids are a wonderful source of hilarity and so often remind me of my own & their adventures...and comments only a kid can make. She posts "Dear Kid" letters on her blog that sum up their weeks so well. This is her latest here.
Her shop is currently on vacation, but I can't go without showing off some of her awesome Retrocrafted Paper Goods. This Ring Me card is a great example of her "retro" portion of her work...

And the last one for today is Hilary from '57 Design Studio. You can find her over at her Designing Hilary blog or her shop. But I'm going right to her shop...because, well, more awesome jewelry! It's funny, I adore jewelry (bracelets & necklaces mostly), but do not wear it all the time. Maybe I just need to go out more. And if I do, I could wear this...

Okay - I feel so much better now. There are more to come...aren't there always. It's a good addiction though, right? Showing off other people's creativity...what could be better. Well, owning some of it I suppose. I'm working on it, slowly. If I ever won the lottery - Etsy & Artfire may get drained, LOL :P

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Notes and Thank Yous

I like to put in a little note with every order I send out. I found lots of great (inexpensive) stuff on Vista Print - everything from business cards to pamphlets to banners - but I wanted to add a more personal touch. So I turned to what I know and love the best...handmade. I went to people I "knew" from my Etsyblogger team, Twitter and Plurk.

Edi from Memories for Life is on my Etsyblogger team (she's even our featured blogger this month!), I have ordered some great albums through her before. She whipped up these great Thank You cards for me the other week to match my business cards. I used one the same day I got them :)

She's Batty is a Plurk buddy who makes wonderfully fun cards - my fave are her Halloween related items. I got a mix of blank cards from her to cover all different occasions. There is even a batch of mini cards.

Love to Stamp is on Plurk and ArtFire. I have run across her stuff many times over. While I was shopping for cards I knew I had to pick up a fabric flower one that has been on my Hotlist forever...along with the bookmark...and mini cards. I am thinking about framing the fabric flower card though, it so rocks!

My last stop on my card tour was at Mercyming. I ran across her shop very early on in my Etsy adventures. I bought 2 special photo cards that I have always loved. Odds are these will be for personal use though...unless I frame them with the fabric flower ☺

So if you happen to buy any bags from me in the near future, expect one of these lovelies to come along for the ride.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dream Cruise Energy is Picking Up

Anyone living near metro Detroit knows what I am talking about when I mention The Dream Cruise. Heck, some people in Europe even know what it is. We get people, car lovers, from all over the world migrating into our towns for this event.

from Detroit News
I was driving around yesterday and there were parking areas already taped off. And by parking area, I am referring to the areas between the sidewalk and roads. Chairs were already set up and waiting. By the end of the work day the chairs were being filled and classic cars started filling the roads. And the official cruise isn't even until Saturday.

There are many people who hate the cruise for the inconvenience it causes, personally, I think it's great. Yeah, I can't just go anywhere I want easily because of the traffic, but big's only one weekend. There are places that have traffic like this all the time...but without the party atmosphere.

from Urbane Apts
I really wish I had some of my own pics now, but I will snag some this weekend to share next week. For now, I found these pics on Google images (click on any of them to go to their source where you can read more on the cruise).

I leave you with this mental image - the one I had on my way to the craft store last night: Lined up at a stop light - all looking like they just rolled out of the factory - mint condition - but from different eras...30s, 50s, 60s and 70s...all in a row - it was beautiful. If only my cell phone had a camera.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Etsybloggers Mega Giveaway

2 dozen prizes - many ways to enter - don't wait - Giveaway ends Friday Aug 14th!

Check out all the details on our website.

And visit our forum thread over on Etsy.

Want to see our members newest creations? Visit the Flickr group.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Band Camp Has Begun

It is that time of year again. My oldest has headed up to Interlochen with the marching band. I know some parents get all teary eyed when their kids go away for a bit, but we don't. Not that we won't miss him, but it is part of growing up. I am all for him growing up...I can't wait to see what kind of man he will be. Actually, I already can see a bit of the man he is becoming. Kind. Caring. Gentle. Intelligent. Talented. And a bit goofy - always a good thing.

This will be his second year up there. Last year he was a pre-fresh, now he is an actual freshman. He was so much more prepared this time around. He knew exactly what to bring and even decided to join in the talent show. So his bass guitar traveled with him. I hope someone takes a video of the performance. He & a friend will be playing something by Hendrix.

And as long as he doesn't come back with stories that start "This one band camp?", he'll have a few more years of band camp to look forward to.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Features

Today is a show off day. But not my stuff (if you want to see my new monsters, go here and here...or here to see some bags). Nope, today is to show off things I received recently....don't get too jealous, lol :)

First custom order from Kindred Spirit Treasures:

And some cell phone charms from Kindred Spirit Treasures as well...I may use them as zipper pulls for more special purses...

Then I popped over to Elegance by Mode for these lovelies...

And last, but not least, my beaded lacey necklace from Roseworks Jewelry. It may be a necklace, but I have also been worn wrapped around my wrist a few times as a bracelet. Plus, it goes with everything!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Back on the 19th I went up north to Frankfort with my family...which included my hubby's parents, sis & her hubby plus kids. We stayed at a nice resort on the Lake which my youngest dubbed "The Palace". We had a different Fun Czar assigned to each day's activities.

The first night is the easiest - let the kids run down at the beach & play in the sand and water...clothes & all. It got rather amusing since my youngest still had a pull up on from the trip. Let's just just say they did their job & absorbed liquids well...they were halfway down his rear in no time! So cute :)

I was concerned about my shops since the Christmas in July sale was going on. There was wi-fi up there & I planned on using my son's iTouch. Luckily, my bro-in-law had a laptop that I could use to check on the shops once or twice a day. sis-in-law snapped a shot of me working.

My youngest really wanted to see a lighthouse - and while there was one right out the front of the resort at the end of a pier...he wanted a big one he could go in. So we went to Point Betsie...which was closed. At least I got some cool pics. The Mackinaw - Chicago race was also going by in the distance - very cool. (Too far out for good pics though). But they had a great time skipping rocks. Young and old alike...

Wyatt and Daddy

Wyatt and big bro

From there we went on in to Traverse City. I could spend all day there! But, since I was the only one, we just did a quick browse through. I did find some great buttons & ribbon (pics to come later). We got some cool hats (I was wearing mine in the computer pic above). Wyatt's was adorable, but he took it off & ran laughing everytime I tried to snap a pic...correction - I just noticed that he was wearing it in the picnic pic.

Tuesday was set aside for the Dune Climb and canoeing. I think we may be bit off our rockers to do both on the same day. If you have never done a dune climb - I highly recommend it....but start early in the day when the sand isn't too hot. And bring lots of water. We climbed for 1 1/2 hours...much easier going down. The MIL and FIL opted out of the canoeing (they hung back & relaxed during the climb too), but we all enjoyed a scenic picnic between the two.

The evenings were spent playing games...Phase 10, Uno, Garbage & Sequence. This is my oldest & my SIL's oldest playing Garbage...reminds me of the 3 Bears - one chair too big, table too small...

The last full day there was the individual Family Day. Before we all went our own ways, my SIL & MIL went with me to a craft show nearby. It was rather large & if I had more cash - I would easily have spent it all. Got some good craft show prop ideas too.
My son had his eye on an antique bugle back in Traverse City and since I never got to do my day of shopping...we went back into town. I just love those places. Yes, lots of tourist shops, but even more small boutiques...and a fabulous yarn shop. I need to learn to knit.

We took the scenic route down through the forest on the way home Thursday. I spent Friday shopping for craft show props & getting all my stuff together.
Saturday & Sunday were the big days - my first 2 day craft show. You can read more about it here.

The big day of my MIA'ness was those spent in the hospital. Yes, I said hospital. Without going into too much detail - my body betrayed me for a bit but all the big bads came back heart attack, no stroke, no brain hemorrhage, no sign of MS...I feel much better now, but still not myself. So I may still be sparse with my online time. I'll keep you updated.