Thursday, March 4, 2010

BlogFire - Bath and Body

Bath and body, now here is a category I could go on and on and on showing off wonderful goodies. Some people have clothes. Some do shoes. Others prefer jewelry. Me - I splurge on soaps. It is my indulgence. And financially speaking, much less harsh on the wallet than those others. So all my soap is handmade. And my shampoo. And conditioner. Oh, and don't forget the lotion. Bottom line - I am clean and smell good :)I am sure you don't want to be here all day as I show off soap after soap, so I will stick to some faves - and only one per category. I won't even try to narrow it down by scent - but I am definitely more of a woodsy type than floral. Sandalwood over lilac any day!

Pegasus Soaps: Whipped Coffee Caramel Cream Sugar Scrub

Dirty Ass Soaps: Sugar Skulls, Vegan Soap

Doctor Sweet Tooth: Pink Sugar Candy Shampoo & Conditioner

KB Shimmer: Bath Bomb Bonanza

Essensu: Green Clover & Aloe Botanical Body Lotion

I could not let this post go by without showing some of that lotion...I have some by my sewing machine (vanilla sandalwood right now), on the end table (honeysuckle), in my purse (pumpkin lavendar) and even at my moms (the green clover).


  1. Thank you so much for adding my Whipped Coffee Caramel Cream Sugar Scrub. I bet all of these items are fantastic. :-)

  2. Thank you Theresa for the mention. I'm delighted you are enjoying the lotions. The other goodies look marvelous as well. Non commercial is the way to go!
    ~ essensu


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