Monday, March 22, 2010

Butterfly Attack

Okay, so attack is a strong word. More like butterfly nuzzle. Or butterfly gentle landing. On my leg.

It was pretty cool. We went to the zoo last week when our temps hit the 60s. My son wanted to see the "bupperflies" first. There were some butterflies that had just hatched. They look so cool hanging out on the tree trunk. A little pale and very delicate looking....more so than usual. But great for taking pics since they don't just fly away as we approach.

As we walked through the habitat, he kept squeeing at at the "pretties". He asked what they were doing on the bird feeders. I told him they were butterfly feeders and they were, well, feeding themselves.

When that butterfly flew off the feeder and landed on me, he got a tad freaked. I assured him that it could not hurt me, but that we had to be careful not to hurt it accidentally. I had to shuffle over to the docent to ask how to gently remove so we could move on to the birds.

Once the volunteer took out his credit card to gently detach said flew over to a young girl who was ogling the lady with the butterfly on her leg & parked itself on hers. She was in awe. And them Wyatt wanted to butterfly to come back and visit us. Kids :P


  1. How fun! Butterflies are so pretty! I had no idea they ate out of feeders.

  2. Aren't those butterfly houses fun? They always seem to gravitate toward my husband; we have quite a few pictures of butterflies on him. :)


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