Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Food - Quick Guacamole

It has been quite some time since I posted food. I have been cooking, just nothing new or at least not with a camera at the ready. I will try to get back to weekly posts though. But with the little guy still making dinner time a not-so-fun time, I have been making the same old same old every week.

This guacamole has sentimental value for me. Before my best friend abandoned me for the greater goodness of Colorado, we spent Thursday nights together just hanging, watching TV and eating. This was a fave. Quick, easy, yummy & good for you. When pinched for time, we just tossed everything into "the whizzer"...otherwise known as a Cuisinart. And measuring, well, we tend to just throw stuff in until it tastes good, but I did measure once.

Serves: 4 ...although we wiped out the whole thing easy :P

3 avocados - scooped out & squooshed
3-4 green scallions - chopped
3 roma tomatoes (aka plum tomato) - diced small
lime juice - splash
cilantro, fresh is best, but dried works just fine taste - about 1T dry
cumin, powdered not seed - 2 tsp (more or less to taste)
chili powder - a shake or two
sometimes I will add in some store bought salsa for a little extra we always use Garden Fresh Gourmet - YUM!
Tortilla Chips for dipping

Prep: chop it all up, mix together in bowl, eat & enjoy :)

If you have never dealt with an avocado, this is the easiest way to do the slice & dice: Cutdown to the pit circling around from tip to tip (length wise) - take in both hands & twist until separates, leaving the pit on one side. I use the knife to poke the pit & pull it out. Then scoop out the green goodness and toss the shell.

tip: I find that using a fork works well to mix everything while squooshing the avocado

Nutrition: (excluding chips)
213 calories, 17g fat (o.21g saturated), 16g carbohydrates, 4.87g fiber, 4.5g protein

Okay, so it's a little high in the calories, at least the fat is all the "good" kind....and oh so yummy!!!


  1. Mmmm, sounds good! It's been too long since I made guacamole!


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