Friday, March 12, 2010

Etsyblogger Carnival: Spring

March 12th's carnival for the Etsybloggers is hosted by Made By Melissa.
Our choices were either Spring time or March being National Nutrition Month, National Irish American Heritage Month & National Women's History Month and pick one.

I used to study Exercise Science, so doing something about nutrition felt like work :P I do have a bit of Irish in me & hubby has even more, but that post would probably get too long...and I'd want a Guinness after, which I am currently out of. And Women's month...shouldn't they all be?

Anyway, i decided to stick with Spring because I am so eager for it. I am not usually like this. I get the usual drearies that most Michiganders do and this season was a pretty mild one for us. But for some reason, I am itching for Spring. I even noticed that my tulips started popping!! At least I am pretty sure they are tulips :P See...

And in my shop - tons of Spring! There is pink and general bright cheeriness everywhere! These are some of my faves:


  1. I'm eager for spring too especially when my husband or the neighbors mow the grass and I get a whiff of that wonderful smell! Love all the spring items in your shop!

  2. lots of color in the shop, for sure! Love your new little widget on the left... just about covers everything!

  3. So much springy goodness. And I'm SO ready for spring. Well, actually, spring is here, but we're into a week or so of rain. I'm ready for DRY, lol!

  4. I can't wait for our tulips to start popping!!!
    I think our crocus usually come first...I need to take a walk around the yard to see if we have any yet :)

  5. mowing grass! gee, the grass around here is still brown.
    Do you detect a small hint of jealousy?!
    Green things are definitely popping out of the ground here, including some crocuses almost ready to bloom.
    Your fabrics are definitely cheery!

  6. I think most of your bags work for the spring theme - they are all so bright and cheerful!

  7. :) Nice post. I like you collage of the Spring items in your shop


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