Monday, March 15, 2010

Slugs Come Home

A little while back I won a gift certificate to the Etsy shop MissusD. As usual, I got a few "extras" before I checked out. I couldn't resist her slugs - I got one for me & one for my son. And now that my hair is long, the yo-yo flower pony holders had to come home to me also. There was even a surprise button earrings!!!

This is the end journey for these slugs....

I hope I didn't scare them off. Guess I should have opened the box further away from the big scary sewing machine :P

You can see some of their friends' adventures on her the Siamese twins planning a holiday or heading out on that holiday.


  1. They are so CUTE!!!

  2. Those little alien buys are hilarious! I've got to check out that shop!

  3. Looks like they have explored parts of your home!! They seem to enjoy it, heh heh! Thanks for writing about it!

  4. Very cute! What a fun package to receive!

  5. That is a pretty scary machine!
    fun stuff!


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