Monday, November 3, 2008

Double Tagged - Double Butterflied

Make that TRIPLE tagged...I feel so SO loved :) I was tagged by both ZuZu Girl and Barbara Beads AND Stampin' Mom (hers was just after this first posted, actually - probably about the same time I was writing it!) PLUS Butterfly Awarded by both Unique Commodities and The Copper Cauldron.

~ Put the logo on your blog.
~ Add a link to the person who awarded you.
~ Nominate 10 other blogs.
~ Add links to those blogs on yours.
~ Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
So...instead of, let's see...7 times 4...28 I will do 7 - just read it four times :)
1. I can read EKGs...although I am a bit rusty.
2. My husband and I have nearly 1000 books.
3. We only own one car.
4. My wedding song was Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.
5. I used to hate pink, now it is one of my favorite colors.
6. I can't sing to save my life.
7. I wish I could sing.
Tag: I will leave it up to my readers on who wants to play tag and spill a few beans about themselves...we all like to read them, so don't be shy :) Just link up to here & let us know you are playing.
I am not going to do all ten becasue, well, most of us have been hit recently...But I will nominate some other blogs that are new to me or non-etsy....secrets are up to you...


  1. Great tidbits! That version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is awesome!!

  2. Cute! I'm not sure if I'm familiar with that version of the song but I'm in the process of working with a local artist on a painting that reads "somewhere over the rainbow" for Zuzu. My son is getting one that says, "in a galaxy far, far away.,,"


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