Friday, November 21, 2008

To Do

My real notepad is not large enough for my to-do list. So I'm doing it here :)

I am not even sure where to begin - so prioritizing will come later...feel free to throw in your 2 cents on what should go first.
Correction...what comes after the more obvious firsts: fix dryer so it does not almost catch fire again (like I said, obvious first) and complete custom purse order (going out for remaining supplies later today so i can finish it this weekend...unless dryer does catch fire next time)

Ok, list:
- finish already cut purses
- organize sewing supplies
- rearragne sewing area into ex-dining room
- buy and set up wireless internet so computer can be used in new sewing area, since that is where the computer is now
- find new location for computer (perhaps swap with current sewing area in family room...the teen could never look at something inappropriate then :)
- update bookwork in excel
- update Quicken and find money for Xmas
- clean and unclutter basement to make way for winter playroom pnt (post new toys)
- blog daily (okay, that one is reoccuring, so can't be voted on)
- fix broken kitchen cupboard
- fix both (and only) light to upstairs/bedroom ... table lamp works - woo hoo!
- purge hubby's clothes that are too sad to survive
- find new location for fabric...someplace I can easily go through it
- breathe & sleep
- get artisans to interview for blog
- come up with at least 10 treasury ideas for other blog
- clean teen's room enough to fit new hamster in there somewhere

Ok, that's everything. Well, all but the daily house stuff.

One word: UGH!


  1. Okay, so we're looking at the Christmas rush. So apart from the obvious Don't Blow Up The House things, I'm seeing:

    Finish purses
    Go through fabric, sewing supplies, and move sewing area into dining room
    Get high-speed internet and move computer into dining room with sewing supplies -- voila! All in one spot.

    I do also recommend breathing and sleeping. I note that eating isn't on the list, and should probably go there too. I too focused on my business...?

    Be well!

  2. well, breathing and sleeping is an on-going thing. The teens should clean their own room (unless they don't live there). Lights are important, esp. if it's dark when you go upstairs. Maybe you can get the hubby do the lights and purge the clothes, though I know that's a tall order. Now your list isn't as long! I'd wait to find a new home for the computer until after I updated the Quicken (I use that too!)

  3. Thanks guys! It's always nice to get some perspective! Especially when you feel buried!


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