Sunday, November 23, 2008

Skwigga... Skwigga... Skwigga-Zine

I just love saying that name, Skwigga-zine, it's fun. And so is the site. I ran across it one day after a fellow etsyblogger said they had an article there. I started looking around and decided to stay. It was my first non-etsy, non-craftster group I joined. If you are an entrecard user, there is a great list of users for regular dropping. They have all sorts of groups, like the blog and entrecard group I became a part of. You can post your own blog posts, take part in discussions and there is even a marketplace to go shopping.

I am still discovering things there, like the how-to videos and podcasts. There is even a cool little section of gadgets for websites and blogs.

Everyday there is a featured column by their regular columnists, they even have guest columnists if you are into writing.
An interactive Indie zine for an online community - Skwigga-zine. You should check it out, see if it's for you.


  1. I have to do a better job at looking around when I go. I usually just read one post, and then I'm off. Thanks for the info!

  2. I've never heard of this site, but what a fun name.
    I'll definitely check it out.

    Thanks for the post promoting the sale.
    Wishing you lots of sales :)


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