Sunday, November 16, 2008

Skwigga-Featured Blog

I have added yet another wonderful community, Skwigga-zine, to my list of places I go. And one of the best parts - the features. I love finding new blogs and new artists. More often than not they are one and the same. This is true for this past week's featured blogger Annette Piper. I say 'past week' because, well, I blew it. I was supposed to have this done by now. But if you have been reading me, you know my mind went pphhhhttt this week. It is no excuse, she deserves better. Go check out her blog Under The Loupe and see what I mean.

She is a fantastic jeweler with a background in gemmology. So she really knows her stuff. You can find her work on her website, Forbes Art Gallery, Ironfest, and Tonic Gifts.

Told you it was beautiful! On her blog she has link to all of them for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure. Plus you can read her incredible bio on Ironfest.


  1. Thanks for featuring me so thoroughly!!! My brain often goes on holiday and leaves my body behind... so you're not alone!!

  2. wow - what a neat ring! Will go and check this out!


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