Thursday, November 6, 2008

What I am Working on Now...

Look down – now look forward…that is what I am working on the most lately. It is not what I should be working on the most though.

I should be working on this:

And I am. But slowly, very, very slowly.

I have a home party/show next Friday the 14th, a multi-home show that Sunday sponsored by the Huntington Woods Women League (“Shop for a Cause”), Ladies Night Out show in Bad Axe on November 20th, and possibly two more in December. I need to get my rear in gear and sew!!!! Not that I am expecting to sell out – I’d be ecstatic just to sell something – but I really should make sure to have enough stock on hand. I have not worried about taking pictures of these for etsy. I figure I will wait until after the shows – just incase.

I have signed up for Propay so I can take credit cards, ordered & received my imprinter and have started researching where to buy merchandise bags (need to order by the end of the day today!). So at least I have done something. If only I could tear myself away from the computer more...


  1. Good luck on your show! I've never done the propay thing. I thought about it for this year, then with everything that happened, I'm only doing one other show anyway. Maybe next year. It's fun to see your pile of pieces. I've been working with fabrics more lately too. Good luck

  2. Sounds busy! Good luck with your show :)

  3. that's great! I've never tried a home show. Don't know enough people! Maybe do something at idea is formed!

    I have ProPay and it's easy to use. Though I haven't used it too much. I probably have money sitting in the account... Thanks for reminding me - it's something that I have to bring to MY craft show tomorrow...

  4. Thanks for sharing your work in progress (WIP as I often call it). You will have to tell us a little more about Propay and perhaps do a blog on eff ways to book shows since you seem successful at it!

  5. Heres to wishing you many sales and the best of luck with working with propay, let us know how it goes!

  6. Good luck with the show and I hope you get your sewing done!


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