Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Little Fireman

Halloween 2008

Mom was bad this year - I didn't make his costume myself :( I guess that is what happens when you have your first few shows coming up soon after the holiday. I think he will forgive me.


  1. I don't get mother of the year either - I usually make me and my husband really elaborate costumes, but this year, my son's first Haloween, I didn't sew anything either. I think we'll all live, but I was sad about it! :) He's a cute fireman. :)

  2. Yes, great costume even if it's not handmade :-) He's a cutie! Sometimes we just have to relax and not push ourselves...even though people think we should be "moms of the year" every day, haha. If it makes ya feel better...I pulled out ALL the halloween decorations to only end up decorating the outside of the house. I have a whole collection of Lemax and never put them up

  3. He should forgive you - he was adorable!


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