Monday, November 17, 2008

Storybeader's Story

Storybeader...her name says it all. Each of her beaded creations come with a story...a haiku to be exact. What a wonderful way to combine talents. Not only does each piece come with original writings, but each one is one of a kind itself! Yup - all OOAK. This fabulous jeweler has a secret worker :)

She can be found on etsy, The Artisans Shoppe and Shop Handmade. Plus she is an active member of the online Zine, Skwigga-Zine.

Red magnesite and Turkish Rounds

She is part of the etsyblogger team and writes a wonderful blog. You can find posts on her work and how it is made, her life and even other artisans. And if you are a reader...there are book reviews.

Fancy Jasper Cabochon


  1. Beautiful pieces!!!
    She does have a Beautiful shop!!

  2. We wuvs Storybeader. Nice feature.

  3. TiLT - such a nice feature! So glad you're an active etsyblogger! Love reading your posts - I've put you on my blog list, so I won't miss what you've been up to!


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