Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Well - you will have to excuse the lateness of my Friday Featured Seller...I will be leaving her up an extra few days - so let's just look upon it as being a couple days early.
Get ready for some yummy treats that you sure won't find trick or treating...

Candy Corn Candy Apple

Double Dipped Sweets - the name says it all.

Where can we find all your wonderfull goodies?
etsy shop: doubledippedsweets

Describe your shop...
I specialize in Caramel Apples and Gourmet Popcorn.I use top quality Chocoaltes and Caramels, to make the best possible treat!

How long have been making these tasty treats? how did you learn?
I started doing this in Feb. of 2007. I just learned as I went! It was, and still is, fun to experiment!

Which are your favorites to make? to eat?
I love making the apples. I've really come far in improving on how they look, and it's so much fun to be artistic in a small degree!

Do you have a non-sweets job?
I do. I work PT as a morning receptionist. I also have 3 kids - the oldest is 5! So, I'm pretty busy!

Could you tell us one thing about your life you wouldn't mind sharing?
I'm running this business to help out with family finances. We've had financial issues our entire marriage, and now with the economy not helping, every little bit helps. What etsy teams do you belong to?
I started Etsy's Edible Arts Team (team EEAT) which has an amazing array of Edible Artisits. Search Team EEAT on Etsy to see our work.
I'm a member of Big Damn Crafters, Fabulous Artistic Moms (FAM), UtahEtsy, and Cafe Etsy Mom.

And as you can see, she even has yummy gift baskets for anyone looking for yummy and unique gifts for someone with a sweettooth!


  1. WOW - that looks good!! And the name for your Etsy Edible Arts Team (EEAT) is SO cute! Didn't know there were edible on etsy.

  2. This shop always makes me wish I could still have chocolate! Great interview :)

  3. This is the yummiest feature I've ever seen!

  4. Thank you for the great feature! I would like to offer you and your readers 10% off if they mention this blog!

  5. Yummmy! These all look great! Thanks for introducing us to this shop.

  6. Every time I run across her in the threads I have to run the other direction... And now look! LOL.

    One day she's going to get my entire paycheck...

  7. endlessly drooling till I can have sweets again :(.


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