Monday, October 13, 2008

TOTE-N-TOTS: The Kindness of Strangers

My husband always stops for people asking for handouts or help or whatever. He truely believes in the 'do unto others' ideals. I love him for that. Yes, he knows that not everyone is honest about things. But for those that are, it is worth the effort. He always says that you never know who who may be helping. He has given away more change and dollar bills than I would like to count. He has even, literally, given someone the jacket off his back.
So when I read a fellow etsyblogger's blog about those men helping her great-uncle in his time of need, it warmed my heart. It is nice to know that there are more people out there willing to give something for nothing in return.
Thanks for sharing Tote :)
TOTE-N-TOTS: The Kindness of Strangers

please feel free to share your stories of kindness here or anyplace else where it may inspire more people to do the same.


  1. Thanks for the link to my blog. It made my weekend to hear what others were doing in Galveston.

    Your husband sounds like a great man:)

    Many, many years ago, I used to shop in a very nice jewelry establishment. I was known there and received wonderful service. One day, the manager mentioned that that week, a man came in wearing tattered jeans and flip flops. An associate did not do such a great job with this man. Turns out he was a very wealthy man and was shopping for his wife--be careful when judging others....

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful trait of your husband! I've been giving more lately to help out animals in need and helping pay the costs of spaying/neutering feral kittens and I truly believe I am the one richer for it.


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