Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Newly found old art

I was looking through some old photos for a picture of me dressed as a blimp. (See 6 secrets post #5 to enable your own visual...silver evening dress) I could not find it...I am assuming I must have burned it. What I did find were some more photos of my old paintings. I found a few a while back and put them on my website (which is still not fully complete), but somehow overlooked these. I think they were in a different album.

I have a big 'ol stack of paintings in the basement that I have not looked at in years. Maybe I need to go through them. Who knows, maybe they'll inspire me to set up ye old easel again.

These were from 1995ish. I always loved to paint. I wasn't very good, but it made me happy, therefore it was just right. So - now you get suff...I mean enjoy them also :)

Did you like the flash in the middle of that one?

This is one I had actually found previously, but the other picture was at too much of an angle to really see it.
Also - keep in mind these photos were not well done & pre-digital. Is it a good enough excuse to make you think they are better than they look?


  1. That is way cool!

    Love the brotherly love photo too...


  2. They're great! I love to look at art from way back and compare to the new.


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