Sunday, October 26, 2008

Firefly Goodies Received!!!

Woo Hoo! It's time for me to show off all the stuff I got spoiled with by my Craftster Firefly swap partner 'popculturerecycled'. And spoiled I was!!! There are plenty of pics to show off each and every item over on my flickr for all you die hard fans.

First's a bird's eye view of the total haul: You can see Mal's ration box in the upper left corner, Blue Sun goodies in the upper right, an Inara inspired top in the lower right corner, cards and prints in the middle and lower left, and the scripts on the left...

Mal's ration box here contained all necessary paperwork for Serenity: including license, discharge papers, money, letter and tickets from Inara, Blue Sun goodies and an Earth That Was bottle. She also put in loads of prints ...
and even all 16 episodes of Season 1 "Serenity: If Only..."

Next up - star pinup box which held a bunch of Jayne and Vera magnets...

The magnets of Vera and Jayne's hat...

Blue Sun bottle of blue beads, votive holders and 2 medicine bottles...
even the label is accurate!

Fruity Oaty Bar plate and oriental fabric bean bag
(smells delish! too bad no scratch 'n sniff here)

The Scripts: Amazing! I can not wait to read them!
16 episodes of "If Only..." : all wrapped up in a pretty bow...

And not pictured in the overall haul...Jayne's rainstick!!!


  1. Wow - that's incredible! Now you can have your own Firefly shrine :P

  2. looks like you got a bunch! of stuff - sorta like our treasure it forward package.

  3. Gah! Where'd the scripts come from? I waaant!

    Seething in jealousy, now...;)


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