Saturday, October 4, 2008

New marketing goodies!

My goodies from VistaPrint just arrived. I always go for the freebie offers. Until I start to make money from my handbags - that's all I can afford. Overall, I am quite pleased...but I forgot to delete their label watermark on the postcards - oh well. These scanned images aren't totally clear, but I think you can get the idea. The postcard front is a gallery of sorts - it is a crop of what I have on the pamphlet/rack card/brochure.

The weird looking double purse image is on a business card. Guess what I am using it for? Tags for my purses. I got the idea from CraftyChef. I just cut in half, punch a hole & tie on...viola - instant hang tag. And 250 free cards = 500 free tags...can't beat that.

This is actually a 3 fold brochure which I will cut into 3 separate promo cards/rack cards/pamphlets...whatever you want to call it. Each is a bit different. I just hope it wasn't a mistake to put a price range on it.
And the best labels for inside the bags. I got them from Mommiemadeit. They are great. The labels I tried myself, well, not so hot.

Now I just need to sew more so they have a home.


  1. If I were still on speaking terms with you... I'd tell you that all this stuff is really cool and clever. However, since I'm not talking to you I won't :P

  2. This is all really cool - thanks for showing us!

  3. Great job! What a great use of the free items - way to rethink them and use them for a variety of purposes! You've inspired me!! :)


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