Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tag - I'm it!

I love etsy! I just joined etsybloggers - what a fun bunch! This team is so active, they've had me at the computer all morning! I've been checking out their blog and street team site - lots of stuff to do!! And during it all, I got tagged! I get to be ten again. Both purlyshells and morningsky tagged me. Now I get to share 6 secrets with everyone and go tag 5 more people!

1> I went to school(s) for science(s). Art and crafting may be what I enjoy the most, but I tried what I thought of as "practical" for school. Biology for my bachelors. Tried Immunology at the PhD level...I really wanted microbiology, but no openings in any labs - so I left. Way too much work to spend your time doing something that isn't exactly what you wanted. So, off to my Masters I went. Exercise science - completed all but a couple credits. Got married & got a job doing exercise science stuff (cardiac rehab & stress testing)...and just never went back to finish that last paper. Gee - now I sound like a quitter. Oh well.

2> I was on bedrest with my second son for 6 months. I mastered reading sideways and breathing through contractions for months on end. I am so talented :)

3> I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. And people wonder why my husband chose me ;) That was a joke folks - I chose him :) It's true. I asked him out first. It was the first time I had ever asked a guy out. And he only said yes because I had the guts to ask. Lucky him!

4> We took the Pepsi challenge on our wedding day - we both got it right!

5> I have been every size from a 2 to a 24. I am somewhere midway now - just a bit lower & I'll feel just right for me. The 2 was skinny-gross for my build. And the 24 - well, was pregnant with that (but hovered around 20 for a bit after).

....sub#5> the size 2 was just before the pregnancy nad the 24 was right after...I gained 85 pounds...I don't recommend it.

6> My mom is my best friend. Break out the awwws. When I was younger we didn't get along so well. I guess a decade or so of adulthood can change lots of things.

So, my turn to tag....
agoodwitchtoo - because you chatted back with me today
twozanyzebras and jaimesews - because I know you from other places
roseworks and stormydesigns - beacuse I saw you around this morning and really liked your stuff.


  1. Hi, thanks for playing along. It was fun reading your post!


  2. Ooh, you poor thing- 85 pounds in 9 months? Even when you need to gain weight, that much that fast must have been awful!

    And congratulations on not trying to get back down to a size 2. Icky, icky skinniness!

  3. Hi Theresa! Sounds like you had good day 2! There's actually 12 of us!! (the first 5 are further down on the blog...) Talk to you soon!

  4. I can so relate to that weight gain (I'm 9 months prego now)! Go Pepsi challenge!

    Funny secrets, thanks for sharing!

  5. I like the tiger photo--perfect for tag.

    Great post--I am still working on losing that pregnancy weight!


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