Thursday, October 23, 2008

Firefly Swap Goodies

I recently participated in a swap over at Craftster. My partner, popculturerecycled, has received all the Firefly goodness I sent, so now I can post them! I have 1 of 3 packages she sent me and will be posting those as soon as pics are taken.

Ok - Let's start with what she wanted the most: The Jayne Hat. Unfortunatley for 'pop', I do not know how to knit. So instead, she got a sewn fleece version of the hat.
Next up is the scrapbook. These swaps are always fun for trying new crafts. And if the texture showed better, you could see what I meant. These pages are complete with "textured" paper supplied by the glue application of the pics. Let's just look upon it as an appealing mistake and move on :) With her mix of mechanic and girly, Kaylee is one of my favorites . So using her room door sign as inspiration, I decorated a wooden box to hold trinkets she would love...oh, and a couple of Wash's dinosaurs.
And last, there are the paintings. I did not realize just how much I missed painting until now. They were so much fun to do. It is a series of shots of Serenity as she takes off around a planet. Each one has a verse from the theme song written in a corner.

note: there are more pictures over on my flickr , including each scrapboook page and box sides, if you are interested/curious/need a laugh.


  1. Sounds like you had fun! Left you something on my blog...

  2. Wow - that stuff is awesome! You did a fantastic job :)

  3. Cute hat and the scrapbook is a great idea.


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