Friday, October 3, 2008

New Plan of Semi-Action

I was going to do the business series every Friday, but I think I will move it to Wednesdays.. Mostly because I do not feel well today and I think I can make things fit better this way.

The etsybloggers do twice monthly carnivals - I'll make mine Tuesdays.
They also do mini-Mondays - don't know if that is all of us - I'm still new and need to investigate further.

Thursdays I will do my personal featured etsy seller - for now it will be a gallery mini, but I hope to do interviews as well.

On Fridays I want to do recipes. I love to cook & if anyone is brave enough to try one there will be time to gather supplies for the following week. Like these Grilled Pesto Scallops on Pasta.

On the weekend I will update crafty funness. Whether it is for selling or new things I am trying to learn (which should be good for a laugh).

And random sprinklings of my kids and other life stuff.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! Yes the Mini-Mondays are for all EtsyBloggers. You just need to signup @ the team's message board in the "weekly events" section. Then teammates Cozy of and Lily of do the weekly features on our team blog. What is that yummyness in the photo? Grilled scallop?


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