Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Etsyblogger of the Month: Roseworks

Every month my Etsyblogger team feature a teammate. This month we are featuring a friend. If you follow my blog you know that she & I are working on a selling venues series together. That is just the tip of her giant iceburg of busyness. She has two Etsy shops: Roseworks Jewelry and Kindred Spirit Treasures, which she runs with her mom.

She also has three, yes 3, blogs. There is her main blog Rosework's Jewelry, her blog centered more around her writing (another talent she has) - Jedi's Musings, and her treasury blog - Roseworks Jewelry's Treasury - where she promotes other artisans.

Ready for more? I don't know how she is, but she still does it. She hosts an online radio show on Blockhead Radio Thursday nights 9pm EST. Her show spotlights a different artisan every week. I had the honor of appearing on her show early on. It is a hoot. There is an open chat room during the show where we have tons of fun. Blockhead has now branched out on their own and are on 24/7 - you should really stop by - it is all about artisans helping artisans.

Here are some of my fave items from her shops:

And one that is near & dear to me...and in my drawer :)


  1. Aww - thank you dear for such a wonderful write up! *HUGS*

  2. Oh my...such beautiful patience working with those little tiny beads! Lovely works! - CT

  3. Wonderful feature and beautiful bracelet she made for you!

  4. How does she do it all? Great featured artist!

  5. What beautiful creations! Love everything special and unique!


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