Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Selling Venues Series: Updates

I was heading over to ArtFire Monday to list a few items and found a new front page layout. For those who never saw or forgot what it used to look like click here. It's a nice change, not only visually appealing, but gives the visitor a better idea of what they can find inside.

Art Fire has also added a Market Hub for their sellers. It is already set up with sties, you just have to input your addresses. (click to enlarge)

It appears on each listing page in the lower right corner as seen here:

Crobbies has made a few changes since my last write up as well. I had inquired about a shop policy area...I was not sure if I was just missing something. Well, the next day they had added a section for shop policies. The response they have had to suggestions has been quick and so far, no problems with the additions. I also saw on Twitter that once their no fee special ends on Valentine's Day, the new fees will likely be zero for listing and 3% for sales.

click here for the FAQs on each selling venue

click here for the Art Fire sign up and listing post

click here for the Crobbies sign up and listing post

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  1. I just opened my Artfire shop, so I'm not sure what it used to look like. I'm still trying to figure out how to tag and categorize my items in order to show up in searches. Going to read through more of your wonderful posts. Thanks for the great info!


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