Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow - Then and Now

We just keep getting snowed upon...STOP ALREADY!!!
I know this is nothing compared to some places. And I know it's not exactly new to us. We get snow every year, just not always all at once like this. And not usually this cold...we have barely risen above zero (Farenheit) in the past week. But I am so ready for winter to be is not pretty anymore. If you are a snow person or just want to get a good chuckle at our expense - click here for more snow.


  1. I hearby command the snow to stop!

    There, hope that works :P

  2. Yikes! The office is always cold; my hands and feet feel like I have plunged them into the freezer. There is no way I could put up with all that wintery weather.

  3. Oh to be a kid again!It has been snowing here since yesterday. There was a time when I would be out there for hours making snowangels, and snowmen.

  4. beautiful!

    sorry :o)

  5. Isn't is funny how Lily likes snow and lives in Florida? I certainly feel for you though and hope the snow stops!

  6. I'm still super jealous! I still haven't gotten to ride my snowmobile! Maybe I just need to come visit :)


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