Saturday, January 3, 2009

Selling Venues Series: Inspired Special

It's great to know that my last post listing the FAQs of the various online marketplaces has helped so many of you. Warms my heart. I have had some people ask about my experiences and opinions these sites. Don't worry, that is the plan. Roseworks Jewelry and I are interviewing people on their own experiences, both sellers and buyers. I will be trying out a few sites as a seller and reporting on that as well. we hope these future posts will be just as helpful to you. And on a Woo Hoo note...I received an e-mail from Crobbies regarding my last post. It's so cool...I helped inspire a new special. I think this site will have to be one of the ones I try out. It is new and on the small side, which can be a big plus as I will have a better chance of being seen and not getting lost in a sea of other handbag makers.

"Pay no listing fees and no sale fees on any item listed between Jan 1st 2009 & Feb 14th, 2009 even if it sells anytime after the cutoff!"


  1. That is very cool...I just read about it on Rose Works Jewelry blog, so I had to check it out!

  2. Way to go! You are an inspiration, happy new year!

  3. there are so many selling venues I've never heard about before. This ones another! You ARE inspirational!

  4. How absolutely fabulous! I know the research project has helped me tremendously, you're both just the best for putting in all this time and we sure appreciate it. Only fitting you should have the recognition you deserve. Kudos!


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