Thursday, January 15, 2009

Etsybloggers Carnival: My Goals...? hmmm?

These were our choices:
1) What are your new year's goals for your blog and/or shop
- OR -
2) How are you organizing your business for paying taxes?

The second would be too short...organization not necessary because so few sales. So I am going to try for the first one. This could also be quite short - I have no goals...none I write out anyway. So I am using this as a good excuse to do just that.

My shop and blog have similar goals...they both need some organization.

The blog organizing is much more simple than the shop. I just need to decide what kind of thing to post on which day. Pre-writing the posts and scheduling at least 3 a week is also on my list. The Treasures blog will be themed weekly - like next week will be the Beatles ... sky of blue, sea of green and yellow submarine :) That blog is going to be lots of fun.

The Creations blog goal: schedule 3 posts each week plus at least 2 the day of.
The Treasures blog goal: 3 treasure a week with weekly themes.

The shop organization is all behind the scenes in "production". It has been all too easy to let production slow down with so few sales happening. I don't want to get buried by an avalanche of handbags here at home. But since I do have tons of fabric...I guess I should just keep making the mountain of bags higher and higher. I have recently opened shop at Art Fire and Crobbies (will be adding Silk Fair this weekend) and I do prefer adding new items rather than just moving them over from etsy like I have been. I am not sure how many of these I will stick with, but I needed to try different venues.

Behind the scenes requires an organization overhaul. I need to go through all my fabric and put aside those that are not great for bags or do not inspire me. These will be put in a destash on my soon to be opened second etsy shop, TiLT Too! I guess that one will need a goal too...later :)
I also need to find a convenient home for the fabrics I will be using for my bags - hopefully next to my sewing machine. Limited space gets frustrating real fast. I want to have everything in one place. Once my sewing area is clean and organized, I feel I can get to producing.

My organization goal: fabrics and supplies to be sorted through and put away by next Wednesday.
My production goal: 5 bags every week...including photos and listing.


  1. Great goals! A 2nd shop sounds exciting!

  2. wow - five bags a week! I think the destash shop will go over big - so many creative people on Etsy just looking for nice fabric!

  3. % bags sounds like lots...but that includes some of the smaller simplier zip pouches I make with the fabric left from purses that just aren't big enough for another purse. :) but it is still making something

  4. Great goals! I know what you mean by needing an orgaizational overhaul, my studio needs one of those big time!


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