Saturday, January 24, 2009

Home Wreckonomics

Home wreckonomics = my home is going to wreck our economics. At least it decided to fall apart in an orderly fashion. A couple months ago it was the near fire disaster with the dryer. I was going to take pics of the dust elephants that came out of it...but deemed it too scary...and gross. Now the electrical went all pppfffhhhttt on us. Actually, it started last spring, but we ignored it.

It started upstairs in our bedroom (we have a bungalow). Th
ere are two overhead lights, one along the stairs and one in the main part above the bed. The stair one has a switch at the bottom of the stairs..yes, only at the bottom. It was a pain in the tooshie: 1st on > walk up> 2nd on > walk down > 1st off > walk back up. Yes, I know this makes me sound lazy, but gets old fast. So you can understand that when it stopped working a year ago - we didn't care much. We just looked silly (if there were lights to see) walking zombie like to find the 2nd light...which just went pppfffhhhttt last month. It is the pull chain overhead kind - can't find one in the stores. Yet, we still put it off & just use the headboard lamp and still look silly.

Last week, the kitchen outlets stopped working. Just the outlets for plugging in...the light switches work just fine. This one we can't ignore. There is currently a domino electrical game going on. The kitchen appliances > sewing area > added to computer = scared to use all at once if = kabboomm!!!
I think I need to make a list of everything that is falling apart (like our kitchen cupboards which are minus 1 door). I titled this blog to include I think I shall start here.
And as you can see.. the kitchen needs some cosmetic work...but before you say anything...the color was done by us, on purpose :) Every room in the house has it's own color.

More to come on our
fun 1947 bungalow that is not equipt to handle our 2009 world.


  1. If it's not one thing it's another isn't it?

    As for your choice of colors, I love that you aren't afraid of color! Although I'm not as bold with color as you are, white walls drive me batty!

  2. What are you doing defending your choice of color? I LIKE it!

  3. I actually love the color with the light wood!

    Just to let you know, I left an award for you at my blog!

  4. something about 1940s electrical. Our house was built in 1943, and we have some wall sockets that don't work. We keep saying that the whole house need an electrical overhaul, but it's too expensive! Hope things don't go downhill now (knock on wood) - we can't afford it!

  5. Thanks for the color love everyone :)
    I guess I just got so used to my family & their reactions to the colors that I start off making sure people know it was on purpose :)
    Plus - then no one feels bad when they start making fun of it :)

    You can't see it real well in the pics unless you click to enlarge - but behind & to the side of the stove by the doorway there is a "triangle" of a deeper tone

  6. I hope you can get those electrical issues resolved soon. Sounds dangerous doll!


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