Friday, January 16, 2009

Selling Venues Series: Front Pages and Ranks 5

I have decided that along with screen shots of front pages, I will include graphs and ranking from Alexa, a Web Information Company.

This final front page and rank post will show sites that are for Handmade items, some of which include vintage, repurpose/modified/upcycled and supplies along with handmade: Mintd,, Lollishops,, Crobbies and Daisy Craft.

No graphs were associated with these sites due to their rankings, which are as follows:

mintd 486,526 583,739
lollishops 602, 387 625,442
crobbies 1,454,082
daisycraft 8,649,749 ... but I think this may be incorrect. The thumbnail shown is incorrect, however, the link is I am unsure on the accuracy of this rank.

You can find my FAQs on these and more sites here.

Site Rankings by Alexa ( )
Taken 01/08/2009: Graphs give date of Jan 5 & 6, 2009
Graph: X axis: time and Y axis: daily reach (percentage)
note: graphs not always available if not in top 100,000…also, y axis not always the same % point

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  1. it's nice to know there are handmade sites out there. I'm always wondering who are the people buying on those sites! The rank posts put some things in perspective...


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