Sunday, January 25, 2009

Promote a Sister Sunday: illoominations

My Carried away Bags Etsy team blogs on Sundays to promote a fellow member. Today I chose illoominations, the newest member. Her bags are all hand woven and quite original. This is a tidbit from her profile:

"By day I am a retail supervisor and by night I am an "il-loom-inator!" I started weaving in college and picked it up again many years later. I make handbags, scarves, wall hangings, cell phone cozies and more! I welcome special orders. I would love to weave you something to your specifications!"

Here are just a few of her creations that you can find in her Etsy shop:


  1. I love reading features on such creative artisans!

  2. I cozy for the wine bottle - how nice! Thanks for the intro {:-Deb

  3. Such talent and creativity! Awesome CAB team feature!


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