Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Selling Venue Series: Just the FAQs part 2

After Roseworks and I started our selling venues list and I had posted the FAQs, we found one more plus one I overlooked in the write up. So here they are...

fees vary for auction style and fixed price listings, plus there is a store option
Auction style: listing (“insertion”) fees are based on the items Reserve Price
sell/commision (“final value fee”) are a different % depending on sale price…8.75% for all, plus 3.5% of remaining value up to $1000 plus $1.50 for $1000.01 and above
Fixed Price style: insertion fee is $0.15 for books, music, video games, DVDs & movies…$0.35 for all other categories
Final value fees vary depending on category…anywhere from 6-15% plus more when over certain amounts
There are additional fees for upgrades like Buy it now and other listing features
Photos are only free for the first one, each additional pic is $0.15 and there are pack prices: pack of 1-6 for $0.75, and 7-12 for $1.00
You can relist if it does not sell, buyer didn’t pay or cancelled the transaction…if it sells the 2nd time you may qualify for an insertion fee credit
Store fees come in 3 subscription packages: Basic, Premium and Anchor
Basic: $15.95/month
Premiuim: $49.95/month
Anchor: $299.95/month
There are store inventory format basic fees involved with longer duration and lower insertion fees
Find store subscriptions and fees here:

“the frou frou friendly marketplace”
“…We are a juried website in order to maintain a desirable market place for a specific audience of fellow artisans and potential customers.
We are looking for artisans that promote a healthy sense of community among fellow artists and conduct themselves in a professional manner to our clients.
We accept vendors of handmade creations, artistic supplies and vintage treasures that compliment a Cottage Style influence.
We take notice of artists that take special care in photographing their items, packaging and customer communications.
Opened their doors on Black Friday
Paypal checkout
Forum is open to public
A blog and ning associated with it
This site is juried…application
Setting up shop is free
When setting up, the vendor chooses a customized payment plan…this info is not available until set up shop (at least not that I could see)

Click here to see the first post of the FAQs

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