Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Selling Venues Series: Front Pages and Ranks 4

I have decided that along with screen shots of front pages, I will include graphs and ranking from Alexa, a Web Information Company.

This post will show sites that are for Handmade items, but many include vintage, repurpose/modified/upcycled and supplies along with handmade. This post includes only those handmade sites that had graphs from Alexa: Etsy, Dawanda, Hyena Cart, Art Fire, Shop Handmade and WInk Elf. The last front page and ranks will finish off the handmade sites, but with no graphs due to ranking.

You can find my FAQs on these and more sites here.

Site Rankings by Alexa (http://www.alexa.com/ )
Taken 01/08/2009: Graphs give date of Jan 5 & 6, 2009

Graph: X axis: time and Y axis: daily reach (percentage)
note: graphs not always available if not in top 100,000…also, y axis not always the same % point markers

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  1. Hi there!

    Dawanda will introduce listing fees for the English-speaking platform this year.
    They are structured as follows:

    > 10 Euro = 0.10 Eurocents
    > 20 Euro = 0.20 Eurocents
    > 30 Euro and above = 0.30 Euroc.

    According to a message I received, the item will stay active for 120 days.

    The 'kinks' still have to be worked out.

    have a great day!



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